MyKad Reader and MyKid Reader

Easy MyKad Reader and MyKid Reader

NEW PRODUCT – Release 1st May 2019

Low cost MyKad Reader and MyKid Reader Device with Software. All in one simple to install and use solution for your Windows based Computer Systems. With advanced printing and PDF export options.

Read MyKid and MyKad Data from the respective chips into your computer with Geni Software MyKad Reader Device and Software bundle. Low cost solution MyKad Data Capture. Enables data to be printed and saved to PDF files. Create your own forms and add MyKid or MyKad Data to the the final print out. Easy to install solution for business users. A solution that saves you a lot of time and money. Capture data accurately. Captures data and photo in less than 15 seconds.

Easy to install. With some basic computer knowledge, installation is fast and simple. Latest version of this software is available as a download from this site. Download and follow the instruction to install the software and drivers. Then insert the MyKad Reader Device to USB port. Insert a MyKid or MyKad into the reader device and operate the software to read the data from MyKid or MyKad. View data on the screen including photo. Print the data or save the data to PDF.


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MyKad Reader Device and Software bundle

  • Read public information and photo from MyKad and MyKid public information from electronic chip using smart card reader
  • Automatically read card data upon insertion of card into smart card reader
  • Design any type of form for printing with captured data
  • Saved user designed forms can be used by other users of Easy MyKid MyKad Reader by importing
  • Use a Printer that works with Windows to print results
  • Print photo, text, bar codes and or codes
  • Print on any size paper the printer can support
  • Add company logo or other text to print form
  • Export to PDF, HTML or CSV files
  • Manually enter data using keyboard, for those without MyKad or if unable to read MyKad
  • Capture photo from web cam
  • Use photo from file or scanner
  • 10 additional user defined fields for data (for example Phone number, email, agent no etc)
  • Save data to Text file
  • Save Photo to BMP
  • Reliable and durable MyKad Reader Device
  • Free online support provided for installation and basic training if required (Internet required using Teamviewer)
  • Phone support available for any troubleshooting
  • Easy license management – for software activate (One time activation over Internet)
  • Movable license – can be transferred to another computer easily (Internet connection needed to do transfer)
  • Works with Windows 10,8,7 both 32 bits and 64 bits

This software and device bundle enables businesses to read the Malaysian Identification Card details into a computer. The MyKid and MyKad were designed to facilitate quick confirmation of identification of individuals. When one opens a bank account, buys a car, buys insurance, get a job or goes to college, the identification card is used to verify identity.

All Malaysians have MyKad’s which can be used electronically. The MyKad smart card is helping Malaysia streamline business and transactions. For quick verification, our software is the ideal tool. Easy MyKad Reader Lite extracts the name, date of birth, the address, the photo and other 1st level data.

Who can use Easy MyKiad MyKad Reader?  Examples would be, a road show selling memberships, can use Easy MyKid MyKad Reader connected to a laptop to verify the MyKad is genuine. The MyKid or MyKad can be used to register patients at clinics. Register people attending a seminar using their MyKad. Selling insurance using the Easy MyKid MyKad Reader is an easy way to verify identity. For hotels, print guest cards using Easy MyKid MyKad Reader. For Human Resource Departments, easily compile records of employees using the Easy MyKad Reader Software. The ‘MyKad’ (Kad Pengenalan Malaysia MyKad) Smart Card holds information which can be read using readily available Smart Card Readers. Any PC/SC Windows compliant reader will work with our software.

Available Data read with MyKad Reader Device and Software

  • MyKad Number
  • Full Name
  • Old IC Number
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Address, Town, Postcode, State
  • Citizenship
  • Colour Photo (As on MyKad)

Available Data read with MyKid Reader Device and Software

  • MyKid Number

  • Full Name

  • Birth Certificate Number

  • Gender

  • Citizenship

  • Date of Birth

  • Place of Birth

  • Address, Town, Postcode, State
  • Father ID Number

  • Father Name

  • Father Citizenship

  • Father Ethnicity

  • Father Religion

  • Mother ID Number

  • Mother Name

  • Mother Citizenship

  • Mother Ethnicity

  • Mother Religion


Sample of data read from MyKad chip using the MyKad Reader device
being displayed on computer screen

Showing how MyKad is inserted into MyKad Reader Device ready to be read to computer
using Easy MyKid MyKad Reader  software

10 additional fields are provided for manual entry of data such as email address,
phone number, employee code which will appear in the final print out or PDF file.

Using the Easy MyKid MyKad Reader software, design your own stationary with logo and text and print the MyKad or MyKid Data imbedded in a professional looking form. Save the whole form as a PDF file for record keeping

Professional Form Designer makes it easy to customise your printing needs
Click on picture to enlarge

Watch how to use the form designer


How to activate software license using the Internet

License FAQ

How many computers can the license be active on?
Each license key can be active on one computer at a time.

My computer is affected by virus so I want to reformat the computer. What will happen to the license?
If the activated computer is reformatted and there is no change of hardware such as hard drive, network cards etc., the same license key can be used to reactivate the software.

Can I move the license to my new computer?
Yes, just use the Internet to remove the license from the old computer and re-activate on the new computer.

Do I need to uninstall the whole software to transfer license activation?
No. Just use the license manager to transfer license.

Can I purchase additional licenses for the software?
Yes, please
contact us.


MyKad Reader Device (EZ100PU) Specification

85mm(L) X 72mm(W) X 17mm(H)
EZ100PU: approx. 120g
Power Consumption
Power Voltage(v)
Powered by USB hub,5V±5%,60mA
Card Acceptor / Durability
Friction type with over 200,000 insertion cycles
Connecting Interface
A type USB male 4 pin connector, compliant to USB2.0 (full speed)
Compliant IC Card Standard
CPU card:
Comply with ISO7816-1,2,3 T=1 and T=0 protocol
Memory card:
Synchronous 2-line, 3-line and I2C Interface
Driver Support
EZ100PU- (Use with Easy MyKid MyKad Reader Software)
Windows 10 32 & 64 bits, Windows 7 & 8 32 & 64 bits
Software Library
PC/SC compliant
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature: -35 ~ 70°C
Operating Humidity: 20% ~ 90%


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