How to activate software license key

Before you can use the software, it has to be activated with your unique serial number. A connection to the Internet

is required for this one time procedure.

Open Easy MyKad Reader Lite 3.0

1) Click on the Help Menu and License Management Option

License Management Form

** Your serial number key is very important. You will need it to activate, reactive or remove license. Please keep in a safe place.
Before changing the computer or reformatting the computer use the License Management Form to remove the key.
No replacement key for lost licenses.

They key is to prevent software piracy. You can use this software on one computer at one

time. The key can be removed and activated on another computer. If the active computer is reformatted, the key can be reactivated

on the same computer. If the computer with an active key has be given away or sold, another key will need to be purchased to use

this software again. (As a precaution always remove key before reformatting, sending computer for servicing or sending back a loaned computer).

Our license management server will detect if license is active on another computer if an attempt is make to active the same key again.

2) Enter your name or company name for the Registration Name and type in the Serial Number provided

on your invoice in the Serial Number box.

3) Click Activate

This will complete the activation process.

If you have any difficulties please contact [email protected]

Moving License To A New PC

If you wish to move the license and install on a new PC, you will first have to remove the license using the above form.

Again the Internet is required. Enter the Serial Number and click remove.

The serial number will now be free to be activated on a new PC. Follow the same procedure as above to activate

the new PC.


If for some reason you have to reformat computer, you can re-activate your license on the same computer.

Enter you Registration Name and Serial Number and click the Re-activate button. Internet is required.